Indian navy rescues hijacked vessel off Somalia: MV Lila Norfolk Iincident.

Indian naval warship INS Chennai successfully launched a helicopter operation and issued warnings to pirates in a dramatic rescue mission off the Somalia coast, saving the hijacked vessel MV Lila Norfolk.

Military officials, as reported by the Indian news agency ANI, stated that Indian commandos boarded the vessel near the coast of Eyl in the Nugaal region of Puntland State.

The Liberian-flagged MV Lila Norfolk, en route to Bahrain, fell victim to piracy on Thursday, prompting distress signals from its 15 Indian crew members.

A navy statement confirmed the successful evacuation of all 21 crew members from the vessel’s fortified citadel.

Surprisingly, no pirates were found on board, thanks to the prior warning issued before the commando operation.

The incident raises concerns about the resurgence of piracy off Somalia’s coast, a region plagued by pirate attacks between 2008 and 2011, primarily launched from the town of Eyl.

Experts speculate that recent attacks may be linked to the relocation of navy ships from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, aimed at safeguarding shipping from Houthi rebels based in Yemen.

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