Sayid-Ali is convicted of aiming to death by the Court of Appeal.

The Banadir Court of Appeal released the verdict of Sayid Ali Maallin Daoud, who is accused of burning his wife Luul Abdicasis Mohamed, who died in the fire.

The murder of the late Luul was carried out by the court, which comprised of three different sessions of the region’s first instance court, Sayid-Ali, according to the filing of the Court of Appeal Mr. Saeed in the Court of Appeal Ali Ali Mohamed.

During the prosecution of this long-deceased individual, witnesses and doctors were transported to Luul hospitals before they died, providing knowledge regarding sensitive services.

Sayid-Ali has another appeal, and he can take the final verdict to the Supreme Court, thus prolonging the contest.

Both sides’ relatives were present at the decision announcement, including Father Abdicis, who demanded a visit from the library and to be held liable for Sayid-Ali Macallin’s death in the Banadir Region Court of Appeal today.

This sentence was recited by Luul’s relatives and Somalis who were carefully watching the horrific act of burning the deceased, who was raising an orphan in the neighbourhood.

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