Somali Prime Minister praises Qatar’s support

Doha, Qatar: Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia H E Hamza Abdi Barre (pictured) praised the supporting position of the State of Qatar to his country in various circumstances, affirming that the Somali people will remember and appreciate Qatari positions.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Barre said Qatar has never been reluctant in extending aid and support to all issues at all regional and international levels and forums. He added that history will record the outstanding and pioneering role of Qatar and its people in the growth and development in Somalia which is demonstrated in supporting development projects and infrastructure such as roads, rehabilitation of government facilities, as well as cooperation in countering a variety of crises and responding to humanitarian appeals.

Qatar’s hosting of the third meeting of the quint group on Somalia last June underscores Qatar’s constructive role in supporting development and stability in Somalia both at the regional and international levels. Barre noted that Somalia does not see Qatar as a mere partner, but rather a strategic ally and reliable friend. Barre asserted that Somalia works to solidify the existing cooperation with Qatar at bilateral level and looks forward to expanding this cooperation to encompass significant fields such as education, culture, development of human wealth, combating extreme and radical ideology, as well as country- building efforts to promote peace, stability and supporting sustainable development steps.

He pointed out that Somalia looks forward to further cooperation in trade and investment in a variety of sectors to take advantage of the Somali rich wealth, including 3330km of the coasts rich in fish wealth, roughly 8.5 million hectares of fertile arable land, and nearly 40 million heads of camels, sheep, and cows, in addition to other opportunities in energy sectors and various industries.

He said his country looks forward to activating and strengthening joint committees between the two countries and implementing all agreements and memoranda of understanding signed between the two sides to double coordination and cooperation towards issues that concern Arab and Islamic peoples and the whole world.

Barre pointed out that there is a well-established relationship between the two countries as a model of outstanding relations among nations, adding that such relationship was reflected on promoting the degree of confidence and shared support, in addition to increasing the pace of cooperation between the two countries in economic, security and development areas.

He said the relationship between the two countries witnessed a remarkable progress during the past years, adding that his visit confirms the commitment to deepening partnership in all fields to promote peace, stability, and prosperity in Arab and Islamic nations.

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