Said Abdullahi Deni re-elected as President of Puntland State, Continuing

In a momentous turn of Election Event Mr. Said Abdullahi Deni, a leader of the KAAH Party has been re-elected as the President of Puntland State securing a renewed mandate to lead the State for 2024-2029 The re-election of Mr. Deni reflects the trust and confidence placed in their leadership, as citizens rally behind their vision for a stronger and more prosperous State.

The electoral process witnessed a spirited competition among several candidates, each vying to shape the future of the State However, Said Abdullahi Deni emerged victorious, garnering widespread support and a majority of votes, affirming their position as the preferred choice of the people.

Throughout the campaign, Mr. Deni effectively communicated their plans, policies, and accomplishments, resonating with citizens from diverse backgrounds. Their dedication to public service, inclusive governance, and commitment to addressing the State’s challenges struck a chord with voters, emphasizing the need for continuity and progress under their leadership.

Said and Salah qualified for the 3rd round of the Puntland Presidential Race that has taken place today 8th January 20204. Deni received 45 votes while Salah received 21 votes.

In his victory speech, President Deni expressed gratitude to the MPs of Puntland for their unwavering support and renewed mandate. They reaffirmed their commitment to fulfilling the promises made during the campaign, President Deni emphasized the importance of unity and working together to overcome shared challenges and achieve collective prosperity.

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