Conference of the Council of Presidential Candidates, Traditional Elders, and Jubaland Intellectuals in Mogadishu, Somalia

Conference of the Council of Presidential Candidates, Traditional Elders, and Jubaland Intellectuals in Mogadishu, Somalia

Conference of the Council of Presidential Candidates, Traditional Elders, and Jubaland
Intellectuals in Mogadishu, Somalia.

On February 6, 2024, a gathering of the Jubaland Council of Presidential Candidates, Traditional Elders and Politicians was held. The conference was convened to tackle pressing matters impacting the region, focusing on pivotal aspects of the political landscape, security, and the imminent elections in Jubaland.Arising from thorough deliberations, statements on the prevailing situation in the region;
The Conference.

1. Prioritized strategizing for the conduct of an election in Jubaland that aligns with
constitutional principles, ensures fairness, promotes political stability, and fosters trust
within the framework of Jubaland’s governance system.

2. Concerned by the apparent uncertainty regarding the Jubaland election, which has
implications for the security, stability, and future governance process of Jubaland.

3. Questioned the one-year extension of term approved by the National Consultative
Council in May 2023 for the Jubaland Administration, which contravenes the Jubaland
Constitution stating that elections occur every four years. However, while the month of
November 2024 is slated for the election, it is evident that the Jubaland administration is
not committed to implement the National Consultative Council Agreement.

4. Emphasized that, in accordance with Article 70 of the Constitution of Jubaland, a
president whose term of office has expired is ineligible to run for the presidency of
Jubaland for a third time.

5. Underscored that the Jubaland Parliament has surpassed its legal term and no longer
possesses the authority to amend the Constitution of Jubaland without public consensus.
Disregarding this process poses risks of political instability, social unrest, security threats,
and jeopardizes the unity and solidarity of Jubaland.

6. Advocates for finding a lasting solution to security issues, emphasizing the necessity of
an inclusive political process guided by the Jubaland community in combating terrorism
and fostering social development. It underscores the importance of conducting fair and
inclusive elections in accordance with the Constitution of Jubaland. Any delay in this
regard will have adverse effects on the security of the region and its neighboring

7. Recognized that the political chaos and disorder in Somalia stem from the absence of
elections. To mitigate this, it is imperative that free and fair elections are conducted in
Jubaland in accordance with the Constitution of Jubaland.
8. Supports the stance of the Federal Government of Somalia against territorial violations
by Ethiopia and affirms that the unity and sovereignty of Somalia are sacred and

8. Condemns the degradation of the environment by the Jubaland administration and
asserts that the Federal Government is responsible for protecting and conserving the
environment. This includes safeguarding against anything that harms natural biodiversity
and ecosystems, in accordance with Article 45 of the Federal Government of Somalia
Provisional Constitution.
On Security and Counterterrorism Efforts;The Council,

9. Commends the efforts and the organization in liberating the community from the grip of
the enemy, urging the Somali public to stand united against the adversary.

10. Applauds the ongoing success of the heroic Somali forces in their efforts to liberate the
country from the threat of the Khawarij, ensuring the security of the Somali people.
3. Deeply concerned that the former President of Jubaland, currently occupying Kismayo
unlawfully, has shown clear reluctance in combating the Khawarij since assuming power.
This has greatly undermined the trust of the people of Jubaland in his leadership.
Consequently, the conference, with assistance from various sectors of the Jubaland
community, will initiate public awareness campaigns and military mobilization efforts to
combat terrorism and liberate areas still under terrorist control, including the Middle Juba
Region, which remains fully under the grip of the Khawarij.

Strongly condemns acts of terrorism and the overt suppression by the Kismayo
administration, treating dissenting opinions as contrary to Article 11 of the Constitution
of Jubaland, by deploying the military beyond its constitutional mandate.
5. Condemns acts of repression, displacement, persecution, intimidation, arrests, blockades, deportations, corruption, poor living conditions, and widespread unemployment by the Kismayo administration, leading to the exodus of people from Kismayo, prompting the
Kenyan government and UNHCR to reopen the IFO Two camp to register individuals
arriving from Kismayo.

Calls Upon; All Somali citizens, particularly those in Jubaland, to unite and support in the fight against Khawarij, recognizing our sole opportunity to liberate ourselves from the group’s

The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
to support the aspirations of the people of Jubaland, advocating for timely, fair, and
inclusive elections to provide them with the opportunity to elect their own political

 The Kismayo administration to cease conducting illegal auctions of public land, which
are vital for the community’s interests and welfare.

Cautions business entities against engaging in fraudulent activities involving public land,
which is being illegally auctioned by the former president for personal gain, to the
detriment of the public interest.
5. Finally, the Council expresses deep gratitude to the international community providing
technical and material support to Jubaland in addressing security and social services

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