Mogadishu police ban unauthorised protest in the capital amid return of opposition figures

The police chief of Mogadishu, Moalin Mahdi, has declared that organizing any protest within the capital without prior approval from the police is against the law and could worsen the ‘problems’ of the city.

He was commenting strongly about a public protest that took place yesterday at the Siinaay junction in Mogadishu following the killing of a university student and the injury of two others.

Ali Wasiir, a university student, was fatally shot dead by police while attempting to disperse in the peaceful protest outside the Wardhiigley district commissioner’s office.

“Anyone who fired at the protestors has been arrested. The case has been sent to investigation,” said the commander of the police department in Banadir region, Moallin Mahdi who is also a former member of the Al-Shabaab terror group.

He also warned the police in Mogadishu will not accept the members of the public to engage in what he described as “violent unauthorised protests”.

“I am giving the last warning to the people who are used to organising a violent demonstration. We cannot allow what happened today. They are making the problems worse,” said Commander Macalin Mahdi.

The death of Ali Wasiir and the injury of two others highlight the use of disproportionate force by members of the Somali government security forces.

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