Najib Mikati said that his country will not participate in the war with Israel

 Interim Prime Minister of Lubnan Najib Mikati Confirmed that they are not ready to enter the War between Isra’il and phalastin.

Also Najib Mikati he explained in a statement he gave agency news France that his country is in a Political situation.

Other side, he shows his concern against security issues in Lubnan, but east central region if the stop bullet Gaza.

The speech of the head of the Interim goverment of Lubnan is coming after the southern border was bombed between Hezbollah and Isra’il.

The war of Gaza has started on October 7 in this year the war have been killed 5,000 of Phalastinian also were injured more than 1,500 .

The  secretary of united nation Antonio Gutteres said that what is happening in Gaza is a violation of human rights.

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