Ruto holds talks with US Secretary of State Blinken over Sudan, Haiti

Kenya’s President William Ruto met with US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken on the sidelines of the ongoing 78th session of the United Nations Assembly where they discussed peace in Sudan, Haiti and the East African region.

The Secretary reaffirmed US’ shared democratic values and welcomed the deepening economic partnership between the United States and Kenya

Blinken expressed appreciation for Kenya’s long standing strategic partnership with the United States and its significant contributions to global peace and stability.

“Thank you for taking the time.  You have been and are such a strong partner for the United States on so many issues – regional security, global security, including in our own hemisphere with Haiti – and of course we deeply value the strong steps that you have taken to strengthen Kenya’s democracy, to work also on further strengthening the economy.  We look forward to talking about that as well,” said Blinken.

Blinken thanked Kenya for considering leadership of a multinational security support mission to Haiti, addressing the crisis in Sudan, promoting peace in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, and countering extremism in Somalia.

“Mr President, everything you’re doing – your leadership on climate has been extraordinary and I think it sets a very powerful example, and we continue to be very happy that we’re strong partners on that,” said Blinken.

Ruto in turn thanked Blinken and the US support over Haiti.

“We are here to have a conversation on the how, the nitty-gritty so that we can be able to make a useful contribution and consolidate all the efforts to make sure that we get success,” said Ruto.

“The same way in which the world has mobilized on behalf of Ukraine and countries facing the shocks of climate change, they must do so on behalf of Haiti, in order to help the country restore peace and security.”

On Thursday, following meetings with Henry, Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Blinken on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Ruto made his commitment clear on the Haiti matter.

On Wednesday, Haiti’s Foreign Affairs ministry announced that the Caribbean nation had established diplomatic ties with Kenya, an important step for the mission to become a reality.

“Across Africa, there is progress in efforts to resolve conflicts, and restore peace and stability while, at the same time, we are witnessing setbacks to democratic consolidation in the form of unconstitutional changes to government,” said Ruto.

On Sudan, Ruto said the discussions had made encouraging progress.

“For example, On 5th December 2022, the Juba Peace Agreement ushering in a two-year transition was signed by the parties to the conflict in Sudan.”

Ruto also briefed Blinken on Kenya’s role in enhancing peace within the East African region, Somalia, Eastern DRC among other peace initiatives.

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