El Niño floods ravage Somalia, leaving 29 dead and 850,000 affected

A devastating wave of El Niño-induced floods has left a trail of destruction across Somalia, with reports of 29 casualties and an estimated 850,000 people affected in nine regions.

The disaster management agency released these grim statistics on Wednesday as the nation grapples with one of the worst flooding events in decades.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has noted that extreme rainfall has forced a staggering 113,690 individuals to flee their homes in a desperate bid to escape the rising waters.

From the capital city of Mogadishu to the towns of Luuq and Baardheere in the Gedo region, and all the way to Galkayo in the central part of the country, citizens have found themselves trapped in their residences as relentless rainfall inundated their homes, compelling hundreds to evacuate.

Mogadishu, the bustling heart of Somalia, ground to a halt on Wednesday as the floods disrupted daily life for its residents.

Harrowing images capture people being carried away by the swift-moving currents in the city center. Tragically, immediate life-saving assistance is not readily available, leaving many to fend for themselves in the face of this catastrophe.

In the southwestern city of Baidoa, homes have been submerged by the unrelenting deluge, rendering residents unable to return to their now-submerged abodes.

Meanwhile, in Baardhere city, located in the Gedo region, vast areas have been submerged, forcing civilians to undertake perilous journeys across the city’s sole bridge, which links the two halves of the city.

Luuq town, also situated in the Gedo region, has been significantly impacted, with at least 2,400 people cut off from assistance and support after the Jubba River burst its banks, as reported by the United Nations.

This ongoing disaster serves as a grim reminder of the devastating power of nature and the urgent need for humanitarian aid and support in the affected regions.

Somalia faces an arduous path to recovery as the floods continue to wreak havoc on communities and threaten the lives and livelihoods of its citizens.

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