Somalia militia leader warns communities living in Al-Shabaab-controlled areas

In a concerning development, the leader of the Ma’awisley militia group, Ali Jeyte Osman, has issued a stark warning, vowing to wipe out all those living in areas controlled by the extremist group Al-Shabaab in Hiiraan.

Formerly the governor of Hiiraan, Mr. Jeyte has declared that his militia will employ air and ground attacks, including bombings, on Al-Shabaab strongholds, urging the affected communities to evacuate immediately.

“Don’t say that we were not told. We are warning you now. Leave or be prepared for it,” cautioned Jeyte in a direct message to the communities at risk.

Expressing his distress, Jeyte addressed his militia on Thursday, highlighting his concern that villages and towns liberated from Al-Shabaab a year ago have now fallen back under the control of the militant group.

He dismissed this development as “impossible.”

However, local communities are now raising apprehensions about Jeyte’s announcement, fearing that it may result in human rights violations against civilians in the region.

The Ma’awisley militia’s operations last year against Al-Shabaab were marred by reports of extrajudicial killings and sexual violence against civilians in Hiiraan, incidents that went uninvestigated by the authorities.

Despite concerns raised by the community, the Somali Ministry of Internal Security has yet to provide a comment in response to inquiries regarding Jeyte’s announcement and the potential risks to civilian populations in the region.

The situation remains tense as the region braces for potential conflict, raising international concerns about the protection of human rights in the face of escalating militia activities.

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