Thousands of families have been displaced in Southern Mudug districts after Al-Shabaab returned them.

More than a few thousand families have been displaced in the areas of Badaweyne, Xinlabi, Aad and Amara, after these areas were recently recaptured by the Al-Shabaab group.

Civil and regional wars have started since the beginning of 2024, which has led to the displacement of many people who fear retaliatory attacks against Al-Shabaab.

The families are located between the cities of Galkayo, Mirjicley, Wisil, and Bajeela. Most of the people in these neighborhoods include the elderly, the elderly, women, and people with special needs, who have made dangerous journeys on foot to find safety and shelter.

The Galmudug Refugees and Displaced people  Agency (GCRI) in writing to the Charitable Organizations, said that the most problems suffered by herdsmen, who were there in a place where they had to move for safety, bush and water get it.

The committee also said that almost 25% of women prisoners said their wives were killed in the past 6 months, due to the forces that liberated the area.

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