They will become a crisis for Somalia’s future if they are not solved quickly. (Macawiisleey)

The Local Community Force is a group of people that organized themselves by clan to fight for freedom and the liberation of their town by the Al-Shabaab group, but this group is well known by the name of Macawisley, Somali County, and also because this name of Macawisley is very common in Somalia and outside of the county. On the other hand, there are several arguments and confusion about where this group has started, but they were born by either external force or aggression from the Al-Shabaab group when Al-Shabaab managed their places by force, destroying walls and homes as well as killing some of them.

The Macawisley guns are found mainly in Galmudug and Hirshabelle, with a small number in Koofur Galbeed. As far as is known, this liberation began formally two years ago, and it has resulted in the removal of the Al-Shabaab group from huge areas of the area in Galmudug State and Hirshabelle, particularly wide land in the Hiran region.

 Indeed, the Macawisley Guns are the greatest fighters and heroes in terms of fighting terrorist groups in Somalia. The Al-Shabaab also fear them because Macawisley doesn’t have a specific place where the Al-Shabaab can attack, so Macawisley walks in small numbers with high attention and intense hunting. truly, they have done a good job. In addition, Macawisley comes from the local communities, so it’s easy for them to get security information about the Al-Shabaab group from the community, as well as food and water. Highlighting points, they could not succeed alone. Without the support of the government and national Somali armies.

However, returning to our main purpose for this paper, Somali History, in 1991, when the Somali government completely collapsed due to clan basic issues, every tribe was taken guns and killed by other tribes, implying that the guns were in the hands of the people, and the system of government disappeared for a long time. The positive aspect is that the government system has been gradually developing over time.

Refers to the fact that in 2024, the situation is identical to that of 1991. What exactly is going on in some parts of the Somali Region? As part of that, the federal government has failed to come up with a long-term strategy that will allow Macawisley to remain in their current position. In other words, the Macawisley guns rushed to the major town and robbed people’s belongings for three reasons. 1. They’re starving. 2. They weren’t given army training. 3. The government failed to formulate a long-term program that would allow them to remain in their current positions.

 FG: I am not criticized for fighting the Al-Shaabab group, which is commendable and a significant win for Somali citizens.

There are currently two very strong examples and obstacles going on in Hiran, border Hiran, and Middle Shabelle.In the first case, Macawisley Guns and the Somali Army liberated 70% of Hirshabelle’s east Hiran district. Appear Due to a long-standing political misunderstanding between the Hirshabelle administration and the Hiran region authority, the Hirshabelle state decided to take over the position from the governor, who called it Ali Jeyte Osman. At the same time, Jeyte refused, and he also declared that another state was called Hiran State, which isn’t recognized by the federal government. As a result, the whole Macawisley community flocked to the Beledweyn to support Ali Jeyte and disagree with the Hirshabelle state. Beledweyn has been filled by Macawisley Guns, who commit robberies at night and kill travellers and innocent people. Unfortunately, the government keeps silent and simply overlooks the Beledweyn station.

In the other case, a fight was breaking out between the Xawaadla clan and Abgaal, which had begun to border Hiran and the middle Shabelle, both of which were administered by Hirshabeelle. In addition, the Xawaadla and Jareer tribes fought in the Hiran area. Assume both armies are Macawisley arms; this indicates that Macawisley has power while the government ignores it.



If the issue persists in this manner, the government will be unable to resolve it, which will result in massive problems and not surprise The Macawisley Guns might oppose any Hirshabelle administration based in Baledweyne. Consequentially, Beledweyn is in a high state of insecurity, which implies it will become a crisis for Somalia’s future if it is not solved quickly by Macawisley.

Author Farah Muhumed Hirane

Peace and Security Consultant


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