Prominent civil society icons assassinated in central Somalia thanks to influx of weapons

In a tragic turn of events on the globally celebrated Human Rights Day, central Somalia was marred by violence as armed clan militias claimed the lives of two prominent figures in the region.

The victims, religious teacher Liban Hassan Osman and his brother Dr. Ahmed Hassan Osman, were mercilessly shot dead in Ilix, near Guriceel town in the Galmudug region.

The assailants swiftly fled the scene, leaving locals to transport the bodies to Guriceel town, where a somber burial took place a day later.

Dr. Ahmed Hassan Osman, who had recently returned to the area from Buuhoodle to visit his family, saw his life tragically cut short.

Expressing grief, Guriceel resident Mohamed Hassan remarked, “May both of them rest in peace.”

Locals gather in Guriceel town, Galgaduud region, to bury the body of the murdered brothers on Sunday 10 December, 2023.

Somali lawmaker Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame has called upon local officials and clan elders to collaborate in the apprehension of the killers.

He expressed concern about the increasing frequency of brutal killings in Mudug and Galgaduud, highlighting the diminishing role of clan elders and intellectuals in the region.

Locals, such as Mohamed Hassan, are attributing the rise in violence to the proliferation of weapons among clan militias. Security officers, speaking anonymously, echoed this sentiment, expressing worry about the influx of weapons and ammunition from Mogadishu into rival clans in central Somalia.

Allegations have surfaced linking the national intelligence and security apparatus in Mogadishu to the arming of clan militias. Some officials point fingers at the involvement of a militia group affiliated with the director of NISA, Mahad Salad.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, just two weeks ago, the UN Security Council announced the lifting of the decades-long arms embargo on the Somali government, allowing for the unrestricted flow of weapons into the country.

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