Eight things for President Ali Gudlawe to be re-elected in Hirshabelle

he elections that took place in Hirshabelle were well managed Both the opposition and the conservatives came together in the council of representatives of the Hirshabelle administration.

Restoring the areas of Hirshabeele which have been in the hands of the enemy for a long time like.

1-facilitating the signing of enemy attacks.

2-carrying the wounded who were being transported by warplanes of Somalia’s friends.

3-and the local army that never left the war.

the construction of local councils in Hirshabelle districts which is really the only way for local governments in the region to build economic infrastructure and houses of public interest to serve the people.

The administration of the Hirshabelle communities such that the president has never responded to the political opposition while also giving a position to the president’s problem instead of antagonizing the opposition people and the tribes of Hirshabelle who are 85% satisfied with the return of the president.

The unification of taxes which he achieved which increased the internal revenue of the government of Hirshabelle.

The representation of women in the political councils has increased when he was coming to the cabinet, two girls were there, he delivered 6 ministers, deputy ministers and ministers of state, they were also seen from the local councils and the judiciary in Hirshabelle which increased the quota for women.

Satisfying the communities in Hirshabelle and listening to all their concerns and sharing the government.

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