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Global: Key meetings must fix broken climate finance pledges to safeguard human rights

States gathering for a key climate meeting in Bonn next week in preparation for COP29 in Azerbaijan must address years of broken pledges and inadequate financial support from polluting countries by making substantive progress towards agreeing increased and binding funding commitments to help lower-income states deal with climate change, Amnesty International said today. Recommendations published by...


Kenya to inject $100m in AfDB, two other African multilateral lenders

Kenya will increase its shareholding in three key African financial institutions, including the African Development Bank (AfDB), by $100 million as a show of confidence in efforts to solve the continent’s problems. President William Ruto on Wednesday said at the opening ceremony of the AfDB annual meetings in Nairobi that the extra capital injection would...

(from left to the right) Xogreeb News editor Abdiasis Bashir Nuur; Kobciye Media reporter Abdirisaq Abdirahman Mohamud Duale and Ahmed Boqorre of CBA TV. | PHOTO SJS.

SJS urges authorities in Mogadishu, Lasanod, Hargeisa and Burao to respect press freedom and end arbitrary detentions

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS) calls upon officials in Mogadishu, Somaliland and SSC-Khaatumo to respect freedom of the press and stop recurrent arbitrary detentions and use of threats to censor journalists including those working for the Somali state media in Mogadishu. On Thursday, 23 May, 2024, Somaliland police in Hargeisa detained Abdiasis...


Somaliland president says contentious Ethiopia deal can deter Red Sea attacks

The contentious deal that Somaliland has struck with Ethiopia to lease a strip of land near the entrance to the Red Sea would help “secure freedom of navigation” for international shipping that has faced attacks around the vital waterway, according to the breakaway country’s president. Somaliland, which declared independence from Somalia in 1991 but has...


El Nino not behind deadly floods in East Africa – scientists

The El Nino weather pattern did not have “any influence” on widespread flooding that killed hundreds in East Africa this year, an expert group of scientists said Friday. Torrential rainfall in Kenya, Tanzania and neighbouring nations killed more than 500 people, displacing hundreds of thousands as the deluge swept away homes and swamped roads during...


500 Somali pilgrims arrive in Mecca to begin Hajj journey

The first group of Somali pilgrims to arrive in Mecca on Thursday was verified by Mukhtar Robow, the country’s minister of endowment and religious affairs. For thousands of Somalis, this is the start of their Hajj pilgrimage journey. This marks the commencement of the Hajj pilgrimage journey for thousands of Somalis. Hajj, an annual pilgrimage...


FBI number crunchers track taxpayer cash to house, vehicle purchases in Feeding Our Future trial

The final witness for the prosecution in the Feeding Our Future trial told jurors how she traced the defendants’ alleged purchases of vehicles, property and airline tickets back to taxpayer-funded child nutrition programs. Seven Twin Cities-area defendants face federal charges, for allegedly stealing $47 million in meal funds by exploiting pandemic-era rule changes that allowed...


Somali security forces have caught several Al-shabaab members

The Somali National Intelligence and Security Service, working in the South West areas, caught many Al-shabaab fighters after operations in Baydhaba city and nearby areas. The army showed 12 Al-shabaab members who did different jobs like planning killings, direct attacks, and collecting money. NISA officials said they caught these members in different places during operations....


Bangladesh ship crew Abducted By Somali pirates return home

Nearly two dozen Bangladeshi cargo ship crew taken hostage by Somali pirates returned home Tuesday to a rapturous welcome from family members after weeks in captivity. The bulk carrier MV Abdullah was transporting more than 55,000 tonnes of coal from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates when it was seized by dozens of pirates around...