At least 4 dead as UAE-trained Somali forces clash with clan militia in central Somalia

MOGADISHU (Raxanreeb) – In the heart of Somalia’s Hiiraan region, the town of Maxaas bore witness to a day of relentless combat, leaving at least four soldiers dead and the community gripped by chaos on Saturday.

The intense clash unfolded between United Arab Emirates-trained Somali forces, and the local Xawaadle clan militia, sparked by the tragic demise of a townsman.

As the sun set on a seemingly peaceful Saturday, violence exploded onto the scene. The UAE-trained brigade, known as Khalid bin Waled, fatally shot a Xawadle fighter within the city’s limits. In response, the Xawadle militia, known as Ma’wisleys, seized their weapons and descended upon the army encampment situated on the town’s outskirts.

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