Ethiopian high-level delegation arrives in Djibouti

Ethiopian Delegation headed by Mr. Adem Farah, Vice President of the ruling Prosperity Party and head of the Democratic System Building Center with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister, has arrived in Djibouti.

Mr. Adem Farah was accompanied by other senior government officials, including Finance Minister, Mr. Ahmed Shide, Chief of General Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, Field Marshall Berhanu Jula, and Oromia region chief administrator, Mr. Shimels Abdissa.

According to a social media post from the Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti, the Ethiopian delegation has travelled to Djibouti to celebrate the coastal nation’s 47th Independence Day.

Independence Day, observed annually on 27 June, is a national holiday in Djibouti which marks the territory’s declaration of independence from France.

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