Duale warns Lamu against helping al Shabaab raiders

Defence CS Aden Duale has accused some residents of Lamu of collaborating with al Shabaab in their attacks.

Touring the county on Saturday, he said it is suspicious that terrorists can conduct raids and killings in villages and leave without a trace.

advertisements“It’s surprising for you to fail to spot al Shabaab moving all the way from Jilib in Somalia to Mokowe and move even further to kill a driver and his conductor, and vacate without you locals seeing them,” Duale said.

“There must be local elements working with these so-called al Shabaab to perpetrate the heinous killings and destruction of property.

“I want to make it clear to you today that we know those who are collaborating with al Shabaab. Your days are numbered.”

The CS addressed the public and leaders at Mokowe in Lamu West and Faza Island in Lamu East.

He implored the community to work closely with the security personnel in order for the government to realise the much-desired fruits of peace in the country.

Duale warned locals against harbouring al Shabaab militants and aiding their activities in the county.

He said he was confident the militants are absorbed in some homes shortly after attacking and killing innocent Kenyans in Lamu villages.

He insisted that the killings that are being undertaken by the terrorists in Lamu in recent times are a clear indication that al Shabaab are working under instruction from some local individuals.

He also ordered chiefs to work hard and ensure they provided information on who visited their villages, when and for what purpose.

Such information will aid in dealing with suspicious foreign elements in the county.

He also stressed the need for all chiefs and their assistants to stay put in their areas of jurisdiction.

“If wananchi are staying in camps, you’ll, as well, stay in that camp as the area chief or assistant chief,” CS Duale said.

“If you don’t want to stay in your area of jurisdiction, then you’ve no value holding that particular position, except forwarding a letter of resignation to us urgently so that we appoint people from that particular place to work there.”

He also warned politicians against intervening once suspects are arrested by security agencies over Lamu terrorist attacks and killings.

During the one-day visit, CS Duale announced plans to gazette some areas of Lamu as disturbed and where citizens will not be allowed to carry out activities or live.

The areas are Jirma, Juhudi, Mkunumbi, Marafa, Marafa-Toto,  Pandanguo, Poromoko, Salama, Tabasamu, Ukumbi and Widho.

“Anyone found loitering in the mentioned areas will not be viewed as a Kenyan but rather al Shabaab,” CS Duale said.

“We will deal with you. Those places are only reserved for our KDF soldiers and other security agencies and nothing else. So, be warned.”

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