Tense standoff as Somali man kills Ugandan soldier at the entrance of Halane Camp in Mogadishu

Traffic grounded to a halt at Madina Gate, the entrance to the Halane camp in Mogadishu, on Sunday following a tense standoff that resulted in tragic fatalities.

The initial incident unfolded when a male civilian fatally stabbed an ATMIS (African Union Mission in Somalia) soldier from Uganda contingent manning the gate. The soldier was on duty at the checkpoint located at the entrance when the shocking attack occurred.

It was not immediately clear the motive of the attack, but eyewitness said the attacker and the soldier ensued a heated argument before the Somali man pulled his knife and hit the Ugandan soldier on duty.

In response, Ugandan forces present at the scene swiftly reacted, fatally neutralizing the armed assailant who was wielding a dagger. The assailant tragically lost his life on the spot.

The gravity of the situation prompted the deployment of a significant number of ATMIS troops to the scene.

They not only secured the area but also implemented a temporary halt on movement within the vicinity.

Despite the intensity of the situation, the African Union ATMIS Command has maintained a tight-lipped stance, refraining from releasing any official statements or updates regarding the killings and the outbreak of violence at the entrance of the Halane camp which hosts the African Union, UN and other foreign diplomatic missions in Mogadishu.

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